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This document aims to create a shared understanding of what some terms mean in the context of Rocket documentation.

Share (Content) - The collection of data (link, text, or file) that the user is trying to share or receive using Rocket.

Share ID - The identifier that is used to both identify and encrypt a share; this is the part of the link after the hash (i.e.: Il2.exa.mpl.ejR is the Share ID in

Share Hash - The truncated SHA-512 hash derived from the Share ID that is sent to our servers and stored in our DB.

Share Key - A SHA-256 encryption key derived using the Share ID and the Share Salt and used to generate the Encrypted Content from a Share.

Encrypted (Share) Content - The Share after it’s encrypted using AES-GCM, a key derived from the Share ID, and a randomly generated IV .

(Share) Key Salt - A 12 bits array filled with random values that is used as salt during the Key derivation process.

(Share) Hash Salt - An array of bits filled with hard-coded random values that is used as salt during the Hash derivation process.

(Share) Encryption IV - A randomly generated IV used for the encryption.

Expiration Time - The expiration time in seconds before a share is deleted by a server. The countdown starts when the share is added to the DB.

Expiration Views / Max Views - The number of views or queries for a given share before the server removes it.